Black Friday 2023; what does it means to average Nigerians

By Christiana

November 8th, 2023


Black Friday is becoming more popular in sub Saharan African and most especially in the most populous black nation in the world. As many retail and online store canvass for customers to patronize their products and service with a mouthwatering discount on Black Friday annually, many people are now aware of how much money they can save for the day and on the day. ­

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday was originated from USA. And it is the Friday after the fourth Thursday which is the Thanksgiving day in USA when many people visit the market to stock up their house after the Thanksgiving. It is know to be a very busy day for the seller and even the security personnels in the state as the number of buyers increase drastically.

This day have been very popular as many seller now use the opportunity to bring down the price of their goods and services to attract customers. And this had been widely accepted as a custom even across the north America into almost every continent of the planet.

In Nigeria, many big retail and online stores had adopted the black Friday sales to give a reasonable discount to their products and service for many customers to patronize them. For the upcoming black Friday which is going to fall on the 24th of November after the November 23rd Thanksgiving service in the USA.

Many Nigerian are waiting to save a lot of money to prepare for yuletide through the black Friday sales and most especially as the cost of product has skyrocketed in the country after the removal of fuel subsidy.




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