Top 5 Institutions that offer Tourism and Hospitality in Ibadan

By Segun Oni


There are over 500 hotels in Ibadan with many other hospitality outlets like Event centers, Eateries, Restaurants, Lounges, Night Clubs, Tourist Centers and Travel and Tour operators. With the recent influx of this investment in the state due to congestion in Lagos State, Ibadan has been projected to be the next destination for maximum relaxation and enjoyment.

Mokola Hill

Majority of the outlets described earlier lack the efficient human resources that can cater for the ever increasing tourists visiting the state due to lack of efficient training and human capacity. Although, most of the organization micro manage thier staffs, yet the required qualifications expected in the industry to perform very well is really below standard. Only few Hotels in Ibadan can boast of a qualified personnels on the job or those who can say that they have trained their staff for professional qualifications in the past 1 year. It is really pathetic to see the low rate of professional in the industry at the time when the gorvement is trying to invite more investors and tourists to the state.

In regards to this, here are top 5 gorvement accredited schools that offers Hospitality and Tourism studies for those who want to take tourism as a profession and also improve on the job.


National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism had just opened one of thier campus in Ibadan which is located at the Federal Secretariat along Agodi GRA – Bodija road.  The school offers training from ordinary diploma in Hospitality to the Post Graduate Diploma


The Senate just approved the establishment of Hospitality and Tourism department in the school. Although, the course had been attached to urban and regional planning department, but now they are standing alone as a department. This will increase productivity and also focus on the many areas of study.


University of Ibadan offers Tourism studies and other related course. The school is well known for efficient training in Eco-tourism and wildlife management. Yet, they still offers Hospitality training even with a Hotel located on campus for practical orientation.


Lead city university is a private owned university in the city of Ibadan and offers Tourism studies to the Master’s level. It is a perfect school for those who are aspiring to attain the highest level of qualifications in the Tourism field.


The school is also privately owned and focus mostly on women empowerment and also train professional for Hotel service.


Do you know any other school in Ibadan that train professional in the hospitality and tourism field. Kindly state in the comment session.

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